Who Needs a WDI Inspection?

……Why should you have a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection before purchasing a home?

Our ASHI Certified Inspectors visually inspect for:



Termites are unseen pests. They build their nests underground and can destroy your foundation before you’ve discovered their existence. Termites eat wood from the inside out so what starts out as strong foundation weaken as they are “hollowed” out by termite pests. Don’t allow your new home to be slowly eaten away…………………..

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Powder Post Beetles


Powder post beetles are a wood boring insect that lay their eggs inside cracks in wood. Their larvae then feed on the wood reducing it to a fine powder called frass. Small pinholes are left behind when the adult beetles leave the wood to mate and continue the cycle. Once a powder post beetle has entered your structural wood, your home begins to weaken. These pests are willing to eat both hard and soft woods and are not only a threat to your home’s structure but can destroy your flooring, furniture and even your books. Don’t let your home and possessions become a snack.

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Old House Borers


Old house borers are a wood boring insect that lay their eggs in soft wood. Much like the powder post beetle, their larvae feed on the wood and reduce it to frass. When they exit the wood as adult insects, they leave behind round or oval holes. Just like the powder post beetle, they do not limit their diet to your home’s foundation but enjoy consuming your other household wooden objects which may include flooring and furniture. Old house borers are often found in lumberyards and tend to infect new wood before it is used for construction. They are most commonly found in new construction or homes that have been built within the past 10 years however they can be found in any home.

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Carpenter Bees




Carpenter Ants


Our ASHI Certified Inspectors are trained to look for the “tell-tale” signs that wood destroying insects have taken up residence in your prospective home. Our visual inspection also includes checking for conducive conditions for infestation, so as a homeowner you can be take preventative action against future pest problems.

Our Inspectors are certified by Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture as Pest Control Operators, but never perform any type of pesticide treatment giving peace of mind that comes from having no conflict of interest.



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