Well Inspection

Many buyers today are in need of a Well Certification as part of the loan approval process.  Suburban Property Inspections can meet that requirement with our Well Inspection. Normally, this is performed in conjunction with a water test (see below).


Well Inspection Includes:

Opening the Well Cap (if accessible)

Checking for: Any Debris/Nests, Visible Ground Water Leaks, Other Visible Conditions that Could Potentially Contaminate Water Supply

Verifying: Proper Seal Present, Well Pump & Pressure Tank and Gauge Functioning Properly

Simplified Flow Rate Included!  This is performed inside the residence to demonstrate the well and the plumbing’s ability to deliver water to the taps. It is considered a Functional Flow Rate.


Water Quality Testing is also available and beneficial for the protection of you and your family. It’s simple, our trained staff collects the water sample and our partner company, Suburban Testing Labs, performs the analysis.  Click here for a list of all our Real Estate Water Packages.

Did you know?

When you have private well as a water supply, inspections and testing are solely at your discretion. The PA Department of Environmental Protection does not regulate, or test, private water supplies for homeowners.

Any questions?

Please call our office at 866-866-6700 or visit the PA DEP’s website.