Know What to Expect - INSPECT!

Know What to Exect – Inspect!

Home Inspection
  • More than 500 points of inspection
  • Meets and exceeds industry standards (ASHI, etc.)
  • Detailed inspection for informed buyers
Termite Inspection
  • Whole house inspection for all wood destroying insects
Septic Inspection
  • Visual non-invasive, meets bank requirements
Well Inspection
  • Checks the well construction for adequate protection of the water supply
Water Testing
  • Analyzed by our partner, Suburban Testing Labs
  • See for homeowner packages
Radon Testing
  • Fast, reliable, accurate results
  • PA DEP Certified Radon Technician
  • NOTICE TO CLIENTS: Pennsylvania law requires that anyone who performs radon testing, mitigation or laboratory analysis activities must be currently certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Any person providing these radon services shall present to the client a current Department-issued photo identification card upon request. If you have questions, you may contact DEP at the Bureau of Radiation Protection, Department of Environmental Protection, P.O. Box 8469, Harrisburg, Pa. 17105-8469, (717) 783-3594.DEP Certified Firm: 0095
Mold/Indoor Air Quality Testing
  • Spore count and identification
  • Identifies hidden moisture problems
  • Swab/Tape Testing