Radon Testing

E-PERM system. 

(Electret Passive Environmental Radon Monitor)


Radon Testing takes time and requires 2 appointments. Typically, a Radon Test will take approximately 96 hours (4 days). This allows for valid results regardless of any severe weather events or high winds.

Testing time may be shortened to 48 hours (2 days) but if severe weather or high winds are present during the test, the results may be invalid.  A 2-day test requires that closed house conditions are met 12 hours prior to placement.

These timeframes are mandated by the PA DEP. For new DEP guidelines, see https://inspectnow.com/about-us/SPI-news/

Any home can have Radon whether it has a basement or not.  Even homes without a basement can have high Radon levels.  Radon comes from the decay of Uranium in the ground. This gas will enter through the lower areas the home. When there isn’t a basement, it means the radon comes into the first floor, an area that you may be in more frequently.

Closed house conditions are important for accurate and valid results.  This means all windows and doors throughout the entire home need to be kept closed except for normal exit and entry. This includes any attached garages. Devices which exchange air between inside and outside the home should not be used. Air conditioning units that re-circulate interior air may be used. The use of wood stoves and/or fireplaces is prohibited unless it is the normal source of heat for the home. Closed House Conditions need to be maintained until the Radon Test is retrieved.

Please know that even if a home has a window that is only open a crack, closed house conditions are not being met.  In fact, this situation can cause a vacuum effect and likely produce higher than expected results.

It is important to have the Radon Non-interference agreement signed regardless of the property being occupied or vacant.  The PA DEP requires a notation on the report when it’s not signed.  It’s permissibleto have the listing agent sign the Non-Interference Agreement Form since they provide access to anyone entering the property.

*As of 1/24/19 DEP revised guidelines in effect.  

NOTICE TO CLIENTS: Pennsylvania law requires that anyone who performs radon testing, mitigation or laboratory analysis activities must be currently certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Any person providing these radon services shall present to the client a current Department-issued photo identification card upon request. If you have questions, you may contact DEP at the Bureau of Radiation Protection, Department of Environmental Protection, P.O. Box 8469, Harrisburg, Pa. 17105-8469, (717) 783-3594.

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