Testing Water takes time!  Do not wait until all other inspections are performed to order your water test.  Most water tests take 5 or 6 business days for results and since the reply to inspections is often 10 days, it’s best to order your water test as soon as possible.

Some loans, like the FHA/VA require a flow rate, please verify with your lender if this is needed.

What is potable water? Lenders have specific requirements when they request a water test.  There is no potable water test. The term potability may have various interpretations.  It’s best to check with your lender what contaminants they are looking for prior to ordering your water test.

Vacant Properties & Water Testing

When a property is vacant, the water sits in the pipes and can become stagnant, growing bacteria.  It is always best to have the system flushed prior to collecting a water sample.  

Ideal conditions for sample collection are running the water at the residence for one hour daily every day until your scheduled appointment.

Water Tests After Treatment

Some lenders will require that all contaminants pass on one report. Others accept the original report with a second report of only the contaminant that previously “failed”.

Your lender can verify this prior to scheduling a retest.

 Most Popular Real Estate Water Tests
Total Coliform and E.coli Bacteria Tests for the presence of both harmful bacteria.  This is an Presence/Absence test. An Enumeration (or count of the bacteria) can be ordered if preferred.(3 Business Day Turnaround Time) 
FHA/VAThis package covers the basic requirements of an FHA/VA loan, but is a popular option for any buyer or seller. Total ColiformE.coliNitrate Nitrite Lead(5 Business Day TAT) 
All MortgageSMThis specialty package encompasses all of our surrounding counties’ requirements for new wells.Total ColiformE.coliNitrate Nitrite Chloride Iron Manganese Lead ArsenicTurbidityMBAS pH Total Dissolved Solids21 Volatile Organic Chemicals. (6 Business Day TAT) 



 County Specific Recommendations
 Montgomery County This package includes the Montgomery County Health Department’s required tests for newly drilled wells, and is a good basis for testing existing wells in the Montgomery County area.  Total ColiformE.coliNitrate Nitrite pH Arsenic21 Volatile Organic Chemicals (5 Business Day TAT) 
Montgomery County Plus  This package adds the following tests to the Montgomery County Package based on what the Health Department recommends.  Iron Manganese ChlorideTotal Dissolved Solids. (6 Business Day TAT) 
Bucks County Plus This package includes the Bucks County Health Department’s required tests for newly drilled wells, and is a good basis for testing existing wells in the Bucks County area.  Total ColiformE.coli Nitrate Nitrite Arsenic21 Regulated Volatile Organic ChemicalspH Iron Manganese Chloride Total Dissolved Solids. (6 Business Day TAT) 

*Rushes may be available to meet your deadline! Please notify us at the time of scheduling.