A well Inspection includes opening the well cap (if accessible, sometimes a well is buried and the cap cannot be opened.)  The inspector checks for any debris/nests, visible ground water leaks, or other visible conditions that could potentially contaminate your water supply.

Your inspector will verify the proper seal is present, that the well pump & pressure tank and gauge are functioning properly, and perform a simplified flow rate.  This is performed inside the residence to demonstrate the well and the plumbing’s ability to deliver water to the taps.  The flow rate is measured in gallons per minute (GPM).

What is the difference between a Well Inspection and a Water Test?

A Well Inspection checks that the components of the well are functioning normally.  A Water Test checks for harmful contaminants in the well.  These two services can be ordered together at a discounted price.

What is a potable water test?

Lenders have specific requirements when they request a water test.  There is no potable water test. The term potability may have various interpretations.  It’s best to check with your lender what contaminants they are looking for prior to ordering your water test.